Monday, March 21, 2016

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Heaven or Las Vegas
image editing online
Image by Thomas Hawk
About 10 minutes ago there was this amazing sunset here in Las Vegas. It really made me feel good to shoot it. I'm so tired. Running on no sleep. It's pretty unlikely that I'll make my 1,000 photos uploaded before I leave goal (I've only got 456 online so far). And then I feel really kind of creeped out right now. I'm not sure why exactly. It probably has something to do with taking a side trip away from CES today to shoot the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. It was interesting but I'm all conflicted about shooting it.

I've admired Larry Sultan's series The Valley for a long time. The human depth and emotion that he gave to the porn world in the San Fernando Valley. But I'm no Larry Sultan and the interaction with the women while shooting today seemed so strange. So fake and lukewarm on the outside, posing for the thousandth time, while hard and tough on the inside. I'm still not sure what to do with images of that that I shot today. Some are explicit and I don't think I'll put those online. Others are not -- but what am I really doing with them other than just getting them up for perhaps all the wrong reasons.

Anyways, the sunset felt really good for me to see and shoot tonight because it is something safe and warm and comfortable for me and even though sunsets are cliche it makes me feel a little less hollow for now.

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