Sunday, November 29, 2015

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fun in the blur.
fun photos
Image by theperplexingparadox
Hello world.

Living sans computer for two weeks is quite feat... I have been unable to process my photos, especially my 52 weeks project. I've shot the last month in film...and they're still at the devs because I didn't have time to pick them up before I left HK.

Still don't have my Retina Macbook yet... they're out of stock. :( Think I'll be getting it around mid-late August time. Bought my Tamron 90 macro, 17-50 and the EF 10-22 to YVR and hoping to shoot some good ones. Will try to keep my photostream going! Miss my poor neglected Flickr!

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Just For Fun!
fun photos
Image by frankhg
Underwater psychedelic dance floor!

Note: This photo is actually an art display of a multicolored, lighted floor. I added my own artistic interpretation to it!

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Photo fun at Pub - 2.2.07
fun photos
Image by rudolf_schuba