Monday, September 7, 2015

Cool Image Post images

Some cool image post images:

Bicycle display
image post
Image by British Postal Museum & Archive
This image shows a number of bicycles used by the Post office. The Post Office has used bicycles for over a century.

In 1897, the radius for the free delivery of telegrams increased from one to three miles. The Post Office Engineer-in-Chief was instructed to purchase 100 bicycles for telegram messengers and postmen.

The standard bicycle weighed up to 23kgs and had to last four years before replacement. The metal carriers were constructed to carry up to 22.7kgs (50lbs) and the front forks were especially strengthened to take this heavy load.

The Pashley pattern bicycle (left) came into use in 1929. The design remained virtually unchanged until 1992. In 1992 a new design, the RM92 (right), was introduced. This design featured a lighter frame, plastic mudguards and a plastic mail container.

In 1933, some 20,000 cycles covered 200 million miles a year. By 1992 this had grown to 36,000 cycles on postal duties.

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Got a Better Idea? (Supporting images)
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Image by blprnt_van
These are some supporting images for a post on my blog (