Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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Faculty Bldg
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Image by Property#1
This image is scanned from a Kodachrome 64 slide. The picture was taken in 1967 at Dalhousie University in Halifax. I was finishing my Business Degree and working with the Campus Police part time. The building is the Faculty Club and was shot at two in the morning. Back then I used a Contax 35mm with a myriad of Zeiss lenses and almost always shot slides. The reason I have posted this image is because of the thousands of slides, yes thousands, this the one image that has always been my favorite. There are two others that were taken the same morning. This article will explain just how detailed Kodachrome really is. This article is at Wikipedia !

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Completely Shattered
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Image by Poe Tatum
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I really just kind of felt like playing with the shattering effect some more. I kind of liked the idea of the bird precipitating the shatter or whatever. Anyhow it's a concept :)

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TheTiny Village of Tamborine, Queensland.
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