Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stevie Ray Vaughan Austin Skyline Sunset

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Austin Skyline Sunset
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Image by Visualist Images
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I've been meaning to do a more current photo of the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue for awhile. The challenge is getting the rather dark statue to pop out from the evening sky. This image is a combination of light painting & HDR. I did three long exposures of Stevie while lighting the statue and surrounding area with my super duper mini flashlight. You can see my other photos of the Stevie statue here.

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NYC - Union Square: Metronome - The Vortex
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Image by wallyg
Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel's 1999 Union Square art installation, The Metronome, confounds tourists and locals alike. As described on their website, "Metronome is an investigation into the nature of time. The work references the multiple measures of time that simultaneously inform and confound our consciousness of the moment within the continuum. This composite work intends to evoke contemplation on the dynamic flux of the city. The elements suggest the instant and infinity, astronomical sequence, geological epoch and ephemerality. Metronome is meant to be integral to the very history, architectural fabric, spirit and vitality of the city. Ultimately, the work is an ode to mortality and the impossibility of knowing time."

The Metronome consists of a central undulating brick wall in the center with a wide glass facade to the left that displays The Passage, a clock counting up and down from midnight.

More from the website:
This wall appears fluid, it defies our sense of the built environment as fixed in time. At the center of the brick undulations is an enigmatic hole from which an ephemeral plume of steam emanates suggesting the intangibility of time. Counterpoised below on the wall is a massive piece of bedrock, suggesting the millions of years of geological history which has occurred to form this island we stand on today. A long thin bronze cone gives perspective to the wall and appears to be a sweeping indicator and a source for the sounding of noon and midnight. A large bronze hand high on the wall gestures a benediction. This hand is an identical enlargement from the historical statue of George Washington in the park directly below. The hand is a reminder of how history is our own creation.

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Image by Tim Swinson |
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The sky tonight was clear of clouds so a mate and I went out tonight to get some startrail photos. This is the result. I'm stoked.

Watch the timelapse