Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Lantern Festival ( Sky lantern )

A few nice photo lighting images I found:

The Lantern Festival ( Sky lantern )
photo lighting
Image by Matthew Fang
Last day of Chinese new year we call Lantern Festival , At N Taiwan ( Pingxi ) we have a very nice activities " Sky lantern " peoples can com over here light on one and write a wish or some thing you will like to forget let it fly in to the sky , every year have more then 100,000 peoples com to here .

Trap for Catching Bugs at Night in Thailand
photo lighting
Image by Captain Kimo

The Thai folks out in Thailand's country side love eating bugs. You name the bug and I'm sure they have a recipe for it. Catching bugs isn't difficult, they set up traps like these at night. The bugs fly towards the light. Eventually they get tired and slide down the plastic sheet into the pot filled with water. And I'm guessing when the bugs get wet, they can't fly out.

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The Weaver's Cabin at Penland, NC
photo lighting
Image by mbtphoto (away a lot)
Traditional silver gelatin film and Ilford RC Multi-contrast print processed and printed by the artist in a analog darkroom full frame. Available light only at Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC.
The reason the right hand side says, "Digital" is that my images are 11" x 14" or larger most of the time and will not fit into the scanner. I use my Nikon D-50 to shoot the black and white, BW Toned or BW handcolored prints to enter them on Flickr