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Having been challenged to describe myself in six books I'm afraid I failed miserably. Instead I flitted round my shelves extracting books on subjects that have held my eclectic attention for more than the usual. The trouble is that there are so many other subjects - six just isn't enough. Note that the French book (cartoons of Brel's lyrics) has its spine printed in the opposite direction. Something to do with driving on the wrong side of the road I suspect. I also missed a trick in not putting Chomsky's On Language on top of the book on a programming language :(

1) Albert Camus was one of the most significant writers of the twentieth century. His philosophical works, as well as his novels, have an enduring influence. Oliver Todd, authorised by Camus' family, wrote the definitive life. The impoverished childhood in Algiers, conflict between sympathy for the working class Algerians and for the French colonials. Intimacy with the collaborationist Gallimard family; his involvement in the Satre - de Beauvoir conflict; his battles with the tuberculosis that had ended his role as goalkeeper for the university football team. Camus not only won the 57 nobel prize for literature, but was the second-youngest recipient after Rudyard Kipling, and the first African-born writer to receive the award.

2) I taught myself Perl not long after installing my first version of Linux about ten years ago. It started as a way of writing scripts to do things on that system. I then discovered that I could do anything with the language. I wrote programs that took data exported from an accounts package, using Perl and the WriteExcel library created formatted spreadsheets that were 100% accurate owing to the process being automated rather than the transferral of figures manually. The company I worked for were so pleased that they bought me the camel (book in the photo) as a reward.

3) Having read many of Chomsky's political works I bought this as soon as it was published. Two of Chomsky's most famous works were back in print in one volume. It features some of his most informal and highly accessible work, making it an ideal introduction to the man. Part I - Language and Responsibility : presents a self-portrait of his political, moral, and linguistic thinking. Part II - Reflections on Language: explores the study of language and offers incisive analyses of modern controversies amongst experts.

4) One of the best birthday presents I ever got. The Blue Guide to the Museums & Galleries of London has opened my eyes to all sorts of new places to visit. One day I'll write my London on a shoestring book. There is just so much to see and do and it needn't cost a fortune.

5) The Brel book is one of a set of two that I bought in Nice. They were remaindered and cost me the grand sum of seventy francs each. That's about sixteen quid. This book I note also has a copy of the sheet music of Ne Me Quitte Pas tucked inside it's front cover. These two volumes are amongst the guilty pleasures of my book collection. Each contains a plethora of Brel's lyrics illustrated by some of the best cartoonists in Europe. There is even a smurf version of Rosa. My favourite however is probably Isabelle Busschaert's depiction of Marieke or possibly Jarry's depiction of Mon Pere Disait. Both remind me of the similarity between the flatlands of Belgium and the East Anglian countryside.

6) Pam Cook's The Cinema Book. This is now in its third edition and is recognised as the ultimate guide to cinema and film studies. The acquisition of this dates back to when a friend was doing a degree in media studies and raved about the book. I did some film studies courses around the same time and thought that this would be good reading. So I blew my expenses from doing a second channel 4 fifteen to one quiz show on this. Must keep an eye out for second and third editions at affordable prices :)

The New Book Of Knowledge
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Image by Irman Fauzi
Day 30 of 365

Complete set of "The Book Of Knowledge".

These books are older than me. Printed in 1976. One of these book was used on my previous photo.

Magic of Books Setup
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Setup shot for Magic of Books

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