Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nice Change Background Image photos

A few nice change background image images I found:

pulling bits
change background image
Image by Will Lion
“Being digital will change the nature of mass media from a process of pushing bits at people to one of allowing people (or their computers) to pull at them”

Being Digital (1995) by Nicholas Negroponte (p.84)

Background CC image courtesy of This citation appears on the image.

View the interactive gallery here

executing the perfect flying change
change background image
Image by sammydavisdog
dressage rider and background here with thanks
start image thanks to jaci XIII

Bedroom bunny portait.
change background image
Image by Sunny-bunny
Working on my idea of the bunny portrait that I want to hang in my bedroom. I hand drew a bunny that I felt was my "inner" bunny (if you get me). I'm embellishing the image with various Kanji to represent what I embody, what I would like to embody, or things which I feel should be my focus. Need to change the background, I think it muddies the image, but at least I'm getting a little more adept at GIMP.