Saturday, February 13, 2016

Nice Photo Gifts photos

Check out these photo gifts images: - PackshotCreator - 3D printed - ZPrinter - Xmas gift box - Julklappslåda
photo gifts
Image by Creative Tools
3D model of a Christmas gift 3D printed on a ZPrinter. Image is taken with a PackshotCreator photo studio by Creative Tools AB.

Download the 3D model from:

3D-modell av en Julklapp 3D-utskriven på en ZPrinter. Bilden är fotograferad med en PackshotCreator fotostudio av Creative Tools AB.

Whatch the video on Youtube:

Free Gift
photo gifts
Image by Vampire Bear
Look at what our stationary supplier sent us as a free gift when we ordered our coffee! Aren't we the lucky ones!