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Disney - Haunted Mansion

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Disney - Haunted Mansion
photo fun
Image by Express Monorail
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The Haunted Mansion
Liberty Square
Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World Resort
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

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Disney - Dr. Franklin - I suppose Our Story Begins With You
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Image by Express Monorail
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Ben Franklin: ...stained and tinted with all colors, a seeming ethnic
anarchy. Then in a little time, we became more alike
than we were different. In society, not great, but fitted
by our very thoughts of greatness. Ah, excuse me Mr. Twain.

Mark Twain: Eh, what's that? [waking up from his dozing]

Ben Franklin: Perhaps you recognize those inspiring words from one of
America's great writers.

Mark Twain: No, Dr. Franklin, I don't recall writing anything like that.

Ben Franklin: Oh my, of course not. They're from the pen of John Steinbeck
here in the 20th century. Why it seems he has nearly the
same spirit as the founding fathers themselves.

Mark Twain: Well, listen to the proud younger statesman.

Ben Franklin: Mr. Twain, pride is one of our national passions. Even
those who overcome it, are proud of their humility.

Mark Twain: Easy now, I was born modest. Fortunately, it wore off.

Ben Franklin: Hoho.

Mark Twain: Dr. Franklin, as our genuine American antique, I suppose
our story begins with you.

The American Adventure
Epcot World Showcase
Walt Disney World Resort
Bay Lake, Florida
November, 2008

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photo fun
Image by AlicePopkorn
several textures by Skeletal Mess

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