Wednesday, February 10, 2016

(animated stereo) President Roosevelt meets John Burroughs at Yellowstone, 1903

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(animated stereo) President Roosevelt meets John Burroughs at Yellowstone, 1903
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Image by Thiophene_Guy
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The Library of Congress website offers a multitude of historical images, many with no known restrictions on use. This image is derived from the 1925 Keystone stereograph titled President Roosevelt and the noted naturalist John Burroughs, at Fort Yellowstone, Yellowstone Park. The first national park in the world, Yellowstone was established in 1872.

John Burroughs was a naturalist and essayist in America whose nature writings, according to some, are eclipsed only by Thoreau's. Burroughs is credited with initiating the Nature Fakers controversy, an intriguing debate in the early 20th century nature writing, that pitted science against anthropomorphism. The debate initially targeted authors telling false stories about animals but later included authors overly sentimental about the natural world.

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The purpose here is not to duplicate the original image, from the Library of Congress website, but to generate a downloadable animated gif to assist viewing and presentation. The original image has no known restrictions on use. Library of Congress web address for this image: .

Technical trivia
Image manipulation, registration, and gif generation performed with StereoPhotoMaker, a freeware program by Masuji Suto & David Sykes.