Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Inside Romanian National Library (2006)

A few nice photo library images I found:

Inside Romanian National Library (2006)
photo library
Image by Thiophene_Guy
Several others have posted images of the library, inside and out. But none gave the impression of the massive card catalogs filling the main room. Several cul-de-sacs like this one branched from the main aisle.

The library exterior is worth a look as well:

The Gone-Away World @ the Bellingham Public Library - Bellingham WA
photo library
Image by WA State Library
I visited the Bellingham Public Library on Thursday, January 21 2010. I got to meet lots of great Bellingham Public and Whatcom County librarians who attended my "Ask-WA training, and got to explore their great library!

I was tickled to see "The Gone-Away World" on this patron picks display. It's my favorite book that I read last year (and one of my top favorites overall).

Photo taken by Ahniwa Ferrari.