Thursday, January 14, 2016

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Golden Boat
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Image by Tarun Chopra
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Klamath Falls Mountain Bike Trails - Hot Lava
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Image by ex_magician
Hot Lava is basically just a connector trail between Whiskeytown and Endo, not a remarkable trail in and of itself, but it has some nice views.

Klamath Falls has some very nice mountain bike trails. I have been riding them since 1988 when I bought my first mountain bike. Most of the trails in these photos are on public land but most of the trails are on private property and the mountain bikers have had full access for two decades.

Regrettably many of the trails are now the sites of land development, including some gated communities. Every time I ride or trail run up here, which is nearly every day, I see some new development. I am not complaining - it has been private land all these years and I am glad for the many years of terrific riding we have had. Who wouldn't want to live here? It is a wonderful place.