Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Stolen images 1

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Stolen images 1
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Image by Mister Kha

Edit copy Frame
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Image by Joe Branco
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my explicit permission.


Contact: joebranco68@yahoo.ca

Daily App Experiment #331 "Will it Blend"
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Image by docpop
Daily App Experiment #331 "Will It Blend" - ran this photo through #toonpaint to create a black and white "drawing". I then ran the original image through #decim8 for a glitches version of the image which I then layered with the Toonpaint image using #blender's Screen filter. I opened the filtered/glitches image in #filterstorm and softly added bits of the original image back on top. Finally, and most interestingly, I used #interlacer to layer the blended image with the filterstorm image. I like how this creates a look of only certain parts of the image getting interlaced. #appsperiment #daily_appsperiment #decim8nday