Friday, December 4, 2015

California Roll Sushi

Some cool flash photo images:

California Roll Sushi
flash photo
Image by Vanessa Pike-Russell
with flash (diffused)

This is a test to show how covering the flash area with an empty yoghurt cup serves as a softbox or diffuser

View the version without diffusion here

Bakewell pudding shoot strobist gear
flash photo
Image by purplemattfish
Shot of the two wireless flashes I used, the triggers are attached to the flash units by velcro and plugged onto the sync scokets on each flash. The setup overview is here

The best shot I took is here

"It's a boy! Have a seed!"
flash photo
Image by Steve took it
Yes, Flash is a proud papa. He and Ruby had a son who is a chip off the ol' block. Click here to see lil' Flash Junior .