Saturday, November 7, 2015

Female Skeleton

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Female Skeleton
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Image by perpetualplum
On page 32, a normal well-formed female chest

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Image by normalityrelief
For the last two days I've been on a photo archiving/organizing RAMPAGE. Not gonna lie, it's been pretty intense -- locked in my room (ok the door doesn't actually lock), sitting cross-legged in my desk chair, listening to everything from Sigur Rós to swing, & going through thousands of photos spread & duplicated over four hard drives. Needless to say, it's been mind-blowingly awesome. Well, it's been awesome. Mind-blowingly might be a tad excessive. But I've been finding so many old photosets that I shot years ago & forgot after uploading.

Like this one! I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "wow Dave, that's the most incredible abstract photograph I've seen all day, maybe even in all of 2009 to date, but what's the subject?" Well let me tell ya, I've got no idea. All I know is it was taken 2 minutes before a near macro of a Christmas light, so I'm guessing it's the Rapid City, South Dakota skyline. The source of the greens & cyans & reds & blues & purples so far remains a delightful quandary.

The only processing done was a slight increase in saturation to bring out the colors, & likewise for the contrast to get rid of some grey noise in the area I can only assume is the night sky.

It's pretty sweet on black too :)