Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cool Photo Letters images

Some cool photo letters images:

Letters in metal
photo letters
Image by mag3737
Letters from my collection. I'm not completely thrilled with the backwards letters and the duplication, but I recently found the lovely Q as well as the set of "bench letters" that enabled me to complete the alphabet, so I got impatient to do it with as much variety as I could muster at least. I can always do it again with more variety in the future sometime.

A b C d
E f G h i j
K l M n o p
Q R S T u V
W x y Z

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photo letters
Image by pennstatenews
Ryan Meade, a sophomore, left, and Sean Banks, a junior, right, count out THONvelopes in 235 HUB-Robeson Center. The pair delivered 200 of the letters, prepared by members of their fraternity, Acacia, which would be sent to friends, family and acquaintances by participating fraternity members. Any registered THON organization can submit up to 200 such letters in 235 HUB-Robeson Center up until 5 p.m., with THON picking up the tab for postage. For more information, see online.