Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Five Shelves

A few nice image library images I found:

Five Shelves
image library
Image by splorp
A good chunk of my web development, programming, server admin and typography reference library, documented for the geekLib{} group. Naturally, I have a truckload of books squirreled away in the basement, under the stairs, and in storage ... but you have to start somewhere.

The odd distortion and inconsistent perspective in this image is due to the fact that it was composited from five separate wide angle photos.

(animated stereo) The Country Choir, 1872
image library
Image by Thiophene_Guy
To see the medium animated version and a cropped expansion scroll down to the first comment; to see the large view original size (look above in the "all sizes" or the "share this" menu).

The Library of Congress website offers a multitude of historical images, many with no known restrictions on use. The 1872 F. G. Weller stereograph, titled "The country choir", has had several persons identified by Linda McShane:
Front Row (left to right): Miss Renfrew, Mrs. Franklin Weller, William J. Bellows, Mrs. A. Sinclair, Luella Hodgman. Back Row: unknown man, Aunt Molly, unknown man, Asa Weller, Henry Merrill, William Weller.

Copyright Advisory
The purpose here is not to duplicate the original image, from the Library of Congress website, but to generate a downloadable animated gif to assist viewing and presentation. The original image has no known restrictions on use. Library of Congress web address for this image: loc.gov/pictures/item/2006676728 .

Technical details
The digital image was rotated until level (arbitrary) and the borders were cropped. Subsequent image rotation, resizing, alignment, and animated gif generation done with StereoPhotoMaker, a freeware program by Masuji Suto & David Sykes. Some distortion remains that could not be corrected.