Tuesday, September 29, 2015


A few nice canvas photo images I found:

canvas photo
Image by net_efekt
This is what I do best: photo canvases. You can see more examples at www.wheatfields.net

sk8 like canvas vol1
canvas photo
Image by OMINO71

Vote for Your Sk8! @ Lascia il Segno web (click to "SONDAGGIO") www.lasciailsegno.it/index.php?it/22/archivio-eventi/258/...

see the photo by RomePhotoBlog

see the last video (waiting for the expo video by Mariotti Film) www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkLSdqWcDjk

canvas photo
Image by PatrickYHC
January 2, 2010 [54/365]

ugh. i had congee for dinner tonight. everytime i have congee i feel really out of it.

i guess i'm like a day late... but i really wanted to capture the snow yesterday (i kinda failed at that). 2010 marks a new year and a new decade. i end every year feeling as if i need to make some big changes and become a better person in the coming year (don't we all?) for me, these next few years will really shape who i am, where i'm headed, and... well basically... how my future will look. :P its one of those times where i gotta look at the wonderful mess that is my past and really analyze it. what have i been doing good? what can i improve on? :P of course, i gotta make some changes after, and work towards being who i want to be.

that last bit's really important. work towards who i want to be. i made myself who i am today. i hope everyone knows this by now, but what you do affects people's image of you. does that make sense? i really gotta put a little more effort into becoming who i want to be, instead of just dreaming about being who i want to be.

:P i guess the question we should ask is "who will i be this year?"

enough with the cornyness! this photo sucks. munny was lit with two lights of different colours for one (simple rim light camera right + key light camera left set up). the christmas lights and ornaments weren't bright enough to produce nice bokeh... i even had a light shining up onto the christmas tree to reflect light from the ornaments! i'll try harder tomorrow. :]