Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cool Hp Photo images

Some cool hp photo images:

The Original HP Garage Workshop
hp photo
Image by bragadocchio
The original equipment housed within the garage accompanied Hewlett and Packard to their second location, but much of the equipment in the garage was from the time period, including actual documentation from HPs early days and some photos.

Restoration under federal guidelines meant that at least 80% of the building was original.

Netbook Desktop - Gundam Rainmeter
hp photo
Image by kardboard604
Windows XP Pro on a modded HP Mini 1035NR, Rainmeter with custom 10-foot-HUD setup, Launchy 2.1

Wallpaper from ajari.

Panoramic: Fall Colours at Morningside and Ellesmere
hp photo
Image by ashour rehana
On the roof of Centennial College's HP Campus at Morningside & Ellesmere, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap a bunch of photos for this panoramic.

Click here: full size image