Saturday, August 8, 2015

11FEB09 Weekbreek Canvas by Pim

Some cool canvas photo images:

11FEB09 Weekbreek Canvas by Pim
canvas photo
Image by Agitproper
Cool shot of me in action by Pim Hendriksen.
Used with permission.

Check out his set from Weekbreek HERE.

Stained Canvas
canvas photo
Image by Visualogist
You may copy & paste the next code in your photos' description for linking back to my set:

<a href=""> Click here for free textures by Visualogist!</a>

Marker, Canvas, Morten Andersen
canvas photo
Image by
In February 2011, I caught up with Danish urban artist Morten Andersen in his studio in Berlin.

For more about Morten and photos of other urban artists in action, visit