Saturday, July 4, 2015

Designstudenter jobber på prototyp

A few nice photo lab images I found:

Designstudenter jobber på prototyp
photo lab
Image by NTNU Engineering Science and Technology
Brukerfokus = studenter: Brukefokus = ansatte: Delt i to team med ulik fokus, studenter fra NTNU har jobbet i 3 måneder med brainstorming, produksjon av papirprototyper og testing av sine konsepter. Les konklusjonene (pdf 19MB)

Design students, back in the design lab, working on paper prototypes.
Photo: Christine Sætre / NTNU

Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab 2011
photo lab
Image by Canadian Film Centre
(L-R) Comedy Lab Mentors Kirsten Smith (Producer/Writer: THE UGLY TRUTH, Writer, LEGALLY BLONDE, 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU) and Daniel Goldberg (Producer: THE HANGOVER, THE HANGOVER II, DUE DATE , OLD SCHOOL) with Comedy Lab participant Michael McNamara, producer, FIT TO PRINT.

To learn more about the Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab, please visit:

photo lab
Image by minds moving
Taken with an agfa easy we found in a fridge in the school's photo lab. Must be expired around the year of 2000 and it has those nice APS settings and film :)