Sunday, June 21, 2015

goodbye september.

A few nice photo ideas images I found:

goodbye september.
photo ideas
Image by ashley rose,
1. 64.365 who i am hates who i've been,, 2. 69.365 it's all so rotten., 3. 72.365 purpose for the pain & world suicide prevention day, 4. 73.365 i thought i'd use a normal picture of myself, 5. 63.365 lift your head up high,, 6. Untitled, 7. 79.365 i can think for myself, 8. Untitled, 9. 86.365 she sits alone, 10. 89.365 love is given, going, gone, 11. 90.365 falling (idea)ls, 12. 91.365 get away from me., 13. 92.365 what's left of me,, 14. 93.365 i don't know what i want to do with my life, 15. Untitled, 16. 78.365 tell me tell me

thank god it's over,
this was a shitty month for me in terms of my pictures.
bring on the cold weather
and rain
and halloween

writer's block - crushed and crumpled paper on notepad
photo ideas
Image by photosteve101
I've just finished an article about ways to overcome writer's block and I thought it would be a cool idea to crush some paper and take photos of it, as crumpled paper resembles writer's block pár excellence!

Feel free to use the image however you like! All I ask is a credit link to:

Thanks and have fun with the image!

Multnomah Falls (Preconceived Ideas)
photo ideas
Image by Eric Leslie
Preconceived Ideas
On my drive up to the Spokane area of Washington, we spent a morning in the Columbia River Gorge in hopes to see some waterfalls. Unfortunately it was pouring rain so we had to deal with the rain and all the mist from the swollen waterfalls. It was challenge to say the least!

Having seen hundreds of photos of Multnomah Falls, I had sort of painted a picture in my mind what it would feel like to see it in person. Really the photos don't really compare to the real thing. The first thing that caught me off guard was how close the waterfall is to the viewing platform. See, this waterfall is so tall and in your face, that I couldn't capture this in a single frame. I did a vertarama using about six horizontal shots to get it all in. Consequentially, the leaning lines effect at the top is very pronounced. The treas and even the top waterfall feel like they're leaning back, but believe me they're up close and personal.

+Crystal Leslie and I took turns holding umbrellas for each other. Still it was a shoot, wipe shoot wipe shoot wipe kind of deal. It was a lot of work and I wasn't sure if I got anything until I got home. It's a beautiful waterfall to see and really tough to shoot, because there really aren't any opportunities for creativity. We were there at dawn so we had it all to ourselves so that was nice.