Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cool Upload Photos images

A few nice upload photos images I found:

#442 叮噹咆伴 (You Are Fired!) (Repost, see note)
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Image by John&Fish
note: This photo was uploaded on May/26th/2009 for the first time, reached over 200 favorties on Dec/10th Taipei time, so we decided to move it from the 100+fav album to 200~500fav album. But when moving, by mis-operating, this photo was deleted and it’s associated comments and favorites. If you have ever left comments or added it as your favorite, we’re sincerely sorry, we cherished your support very much. Now, on Dec/11th we post it again. Again, for friends who supported this photo by commenting and favorites we’re very sorry about this mistake. --Fish

紅頭山雀.攝於台灣 台中縣 武陵農場
Red-Headed Tit, taken at Wuling Farm, Taichung County, TAIWAN

一位國外網友為這張照片所下的一個詼諧標題,看到的人莫不莞爾一笑,然而真相是─ 酷熱的豔陽下,山雀們排隊躍上畫面左外的水塔溢口準備沖涼,右邊這隻應該是等得不耐煩了,正催促前面的快一點!快一點!by Fish

This hilarious title was provided by a member on People who see it can’t help giggling. The truth behind the image: Being unable to stand the searing sun, the Red Headed Tits hop toward the water spilling from a reservoir at the left of the scene for a cold shower. The one on the right seems to have exhausted its patience and hastens its partner as if saying, “Hurry up, hurry up!”

Mission San Juan
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Image by Definitive HDR Photography
Kind of a late upload but I just got back from the Tiesto concert here in San Antonio :) Now I have 3 hours before I have to wake up for school :(

The missions are something new to me for the most part. I went to Mission San Jose as I was kid for a field trip back in Elementary but like most on the trip all we cared about was not being in school. Now that I'm older and free to drive where ever and when ever I find that I'm just to lazy to go far. Sure I'll drive 1/2 hr away but I do that everyday for school and work and it gets boring after a while. Having to drive an hour to get to these missions seems crazy to me but I find that I must in order to photograph something new.

The things I do to satisfy my hunger for HDR...

10 exposure HDR merged in Photomatix :: Tweaked in Photoshop

To learn how I process my HDR's I have a tutorial up as well as a PDF in it's description so you can print it out.

See where this picture was taken. | View On Black

Sesan in the Morning
upload photos
Image by ethan.crowley
I've been uploading a lot of photos of the Sesan River recently, for no reason other than my job has taken me up there quite a bit. The Se San is way up in the Northeast Corner of Ratanakiri, near the Virachey National Park and the Dragon's Tail (that's what the remote upper Northeast corner of Cambodia is called—I guess it kinda looks like a dragon's tail?). Last week I spent nearly the whole week up on the Se San.

Here's a shot of the Sesan during the cool of the morning. I was supposed to meet a Kreung man, and snapped some pics while I was bored as I waited for him to show up.

6 image HDR panorama, created with Photomatix and Photoshop.

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