Monday, May 18, 2015

Recipe/Idea Book!

A few nice photo ideas images I found:

Recipe/Idea Book!
photo ideas
Image by ohdearbarb
I started a recipe/idea book because I don't want to lose any of my recipes. Inside, I've designated two areas: SWEETS and EVERYTHING ELSE. Each recipe will be accompanied by a photo I took of the dish! Eeeps! So excited when my pink moleskine is filled!

who is Henry Flynt?
photo ideas
Image by Naccarato
Henry Flynt reads "From Culture to Veramusment" at Walter De Maria's loft, NY, February 28th, 1963
(the picture is of Mayakovsky) photo by Diane Wakoski - slightly enhanced by me !!!!!

Originated and developed the idea of Concept Art...

Idea leuconoe (paper kite)
photo ideas
Image by Csutkaa
Budapest Zoo
Az utómunkában Szefi tanácsait követtem :)