Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baby European Starling

A few nice baby picture images I found:

Baby European Starling
baby picture
Image by paix120
I don't know what kind of baby this is, but here is the story -

I looked out my porch door and saw a bird flapping and falling out of a tree. I thought it was injured. I went outside to check on it and take photos, and it was hopping around pecking the ground and didn't seem hurt.

I started taking pictures and moving closer and it wasn't scared at all, and I knew it was a baby. I sat down in the grass a little ways away, hoping to protect it from any stray cats and also to encourage it to move back toward the trees because it was getting dark.

After about 2 minutes of exploring the ground, it started looking up at the trees anxiously and making flapping motions trying to fly up. It was so sad! I moved further away in case the mama bird was nearby and could feed or encourage it, but he hopped right toward me! I tried to get it to go the other way without touching it.

After a few minutes, it finally hopped to the trees and got up to a low branch, but kept hopping between branches and trying to hold on toward the end where it wasn't stable and would bend. It hopped up and fell down several branches a few times, and eventually got about 10 ft up in the tree and I took some more pictures. Then, it put its head under its wing and took a little nap - it was hard work climbing bendy branches!

So I watched from a distance for a long time so I could shoo away anything that came close looking predatory. Eventually a few adult birds came nearby, but they were fighting with each other and I don't think they even knew the baby was there. He started hopping up a little more, and I lost sight of him, so I hope he got to a nest, but I have a feeling he was just hiding behind the leaves since he couldn't have gotten far.

If he can stay up in the trees for the night, I think he'll be OK. He couldn't fly at all though and I think he fell or jumped out of his nest too early!

I have videos and will put them up when I get a chance!

What kind of bird do you think it is? I'm thinking Mockingbird but really don't know.

Baby Version
baby picture
Image by Jayne Marie TN
I loved the big version of this quilt. Then it hit would (or could) be an interesting baby blanket! I have to person this is the CUTEST, pictures cannot do it justice! (can you tell I like it?)

Just a lightweight, flannel backed, machine quilted minni version of my twin quilt.

Babies on Sticks
baby picture
Image by Son of Groucho
A bit weird, I think.

This series of pictures was taken in the sculpture garden of the Poble Espanyol in Barcelona.