Monday, April 6, 2015

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A Slice of Life in Malaysia (and thanks for the Facebook Fan club members breaking 1,000 strong!)
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Image by Stuck in Customs
I spent a few weekends in the Chinese area of Melaka, which is on the southern coast. After it gets dark outside and you walk down the streets, you can always see little glowing lights coming from inside homes that are crammed together in the streets. There is a general clatter of Chinese voices with the clanking and scraping of dinner being made and shared. One of them had the door slightly ajar with a good mood coming out (picked up by my Jacobson's Organ), so I craned my neck around inside with a smile to see what was happening. I had my camera in plain sight, and it's always novel for them to see a whitey in this area of town. I gave an international greeting of "howdy", and then the international sign of "can I take a photo of your interesting living area", and then I snapped a single RAW for conversion to HDR later.

There are all kinds of interesting things inside if you look close... like a massive amount of eggs for a small home and also the ever-present Milo, which all Malaysians love and have in ready supply.

I checked the Facebook fan club today, which I should do more, and saw that it had broken 1,000 fans! Thanks everyone - that is cool. I am not sure the best thing to do on there yet; I'd like to occasionally do fun things there, like I do on Twitter, for people that like to see real-time updates or behind-the-scenes activity. If you have any ideas, feel free to start up a discussion thread there on the fan site and I'll be sure to check in to see what I can do to help out!

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Valdés: estepa, flores y acantilado
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Image by Ostrosky Photos
Los paisajes de la costa patagónica muchas veces asumen formas de otro mundo. La mezcla de aridez, mar, meseta, viento y fauna conforman uno de los ambientes costeros más increíbles del mundo.
In many occasions, the coast of Patagonia presents itself as an image from another world. The combination of aridity, sea, plateaus, wind and fauna creates one of the most amazing coastal environments in the world.

Beacon Hill
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Image by Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau
Acorn Street, Beacon Hill- the most photographed street in town, like Louisburg Square is cobbled and privately owned.
Original Size:11.0 x 7.5 Credit: Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau
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