Friday, April 24, 2015

Nice Best Image photos

Some cool best image images:

Main Street Morning - Fire Engine No. 71
best image
Image by Express Monorail
Sorry guys I’ve been too busy here lately to keep up on Flickr. I owe you all a good visit.

This picture presented a challenge both in camera and post. We got into the park early for our 8:15 reservation for Crystal Palace, so I was doing a little – empty park shooting – on Main Street USA. This Main Street fire truck came by very quickly. I quickly took one shot but as I was set at -0.7 EV it was WAY underexposed due to the camera metering the sun. So I dialed it up to +1 EV real quick (moving vehicle, gotta hurry!) and fired off a couple more. Well, +1 was still not even close. So that was the challenge in camera. Then, this is one of the photos that I lost the RAW file so all I had to work with was the .jpeg. So normally, if it weren’t for the fire truck, I would have dismissed this photo. But I decided to play around with it a little because I liked the composition enough. To be quite honest, I’m surprised I was able to pull out this much data from a .jpeg! Of course, zoom in and you start to see some weird artifacts, but for the most part a lot of the data was still there. I REALLY would have liked to have the RAW data for this picture. Seriously. But this will have to do. : (

As for the edit – I did all the editing in Capture NX2, strategically utilizing some NIK filters (thanks for the tips Don Sullivan and Cory Disbrow). I quite like how the edit turned out. Something very different looking for my photos… don’t you think?

**PLEASE VIEW LARGE (but not too large ; p )**

For reference, I’m showing the original .jpeg exposure in the comments below.

Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort

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Moment of Impact...
best image
Image by redwood 1
Milliseconds after capturing this image, the screen of my iMac exploded into a million pieces...

Sacrificed for Active Assignment Weekly:: 'Pimp my 'Puter'

WIT: Ok I didn't really smash my iMac. I just held the hammer up to the screen, and then later in Photoshop added a little motion blur to the head of the hammer.

Image was taken in front of a black background, with a speedlight high and to the left of the computer, pointing back down at it through a white umbrella (speedight was set to half-power).

Added text, curves and motion blur in Photoshop.