Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cool Digital Picture Frame images

A few nice digital picture frame images I found:

20 Nov 2009 Photo of Morro Bay Harbor more-or-less from the perspective of a 1942 photo
digital picture frame
Image by mikebaird
20 Nov 2009 Photo of Morro Bay Harbor more-or-less from the perspective of a 1942 photo (ref. set ) showing original dredging operations before the Embarcadero was built up. Charlene Odekirk, Rosemary Olszewski asked me to take a photo of present-day 2009 Morro Bay dredging operations from the same perspective as the 1942 dredging photo she showed to me. It was suggested (by Rouvaishyana?) that the two images might be hung together in the Morro Bay Museum of Natural History for visitor interest. I have included a couple of candidate photos, as the current dredging setup barely shows in the image taken from the same point as the machinery is located further out at the Rock and is tiny in the image. is one location I recommend for the "2009" version. This one taken 3/1/09 does not have the dredging equipment visible of course but really shows the new harbor. I here posted other present-day image candidates at the set at (I have also included some iPhone shots of the 1942 image just for perspective - they are NOT of reproduction quality). You can download the full-resolution versions of the photos in this set (you may need to login, and select "all sizes") and print it, or click "order prints" and it can be fulfilled online. I turned my printer off over two year ago and now outsource all my limited printing needs to or the like. I wanted to suggest that to really demonstrate the changes over time, that the new image(s) not be a print, but simply a photo, or better, a video, displayed in one of those inexpensive LCD digital picture frames that PJ used to promote my Click-Click product in 2008. Anyway, I can't resist pushing people's technical buttons. I have repeatedly suggested that museum displays that are visual only and not consist of palpable or 3-dimensional objects, be rendered via HD programmable LCD displays (a suggestion for the museum improvements committee?). Imagine, exhibits that never fade and can be incrementally improved at no cost! You might also ask "Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA. What did it Look Like between the Mainland and the Rock from the Late 1800's until Today?" My link to - this page is full of maps and photos showing answers to questions of before and after. Check it out. Best! Mike Baird - Mike Baird mike [at} mikebaird d o t com