Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cool Photo Library images

Check out these photo library images:

Outdoor Library
photo library
Image by Group3 Planners, LLC
Sterling Public Library, Sterling, Colorado is a remodel and expansion by Humphries Poli Architects.

Group3 Planners created the layout of the library and selected the furniture.

Group3 Planners plans and designs libraries. Learn more about Group3 Planners and our other projects at

Photos by Group3 Planners

"A Library Implies an Act of Faith," in Mosaic Outside Preston Bradley Hall (Chicago, IL)
photo library
Image by takomabibelot
A Library implies an act
of faith which generations
still in darkness hid
sign in their night in
witness of the dawn.

From Hugo's 1872 poem "A Qui La Faute?" in his series "L’Année terrible."

"Une bibliothèque est un acte de foi
Des générations ténébreuses encore
Qui rendent dans la nuit témoignage à l'aurore."


See also:

Bookmobile (side view) @ the Everett Public Library in Everett WA
photo library
Image by WA State Library
Everett Public Library has a rad looking bookmobile.

Photo taken by Ahniwa Ferrari.