Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cool Online Image Editor images

A few nice online image editor images I found:

8 of 9 Peregrine Falcon Juvenile Fledgling, Morro Bay, CA 27 May 2008
online image editor
Image by mikebaird
8 of 9 Peregrine Falcon Juvenile Fledgling, Morro Bay, CA 27 May 2008, Five chicks have fledged; two from the south side join three from the north side of Morro Rock in an interesting cacophony of total chaos.

Appears on Judy Sullivan's Morro Rock Peregrines site here with permission.

19 August 2009 Creative Commons use note - Author Rebecca K. O'Connor will use this image to promote her new memoir, LIFT, in a poster to use for book signings at book stores.

08 Jan 2010 Creative Commons use note: My name is Roma Shah and I work with Lehrman Cameron Studio (LCS), a Seattle based museum and exhibit design firm. We are currently working on education and interpretive signage for Snoqualmie Falls Park (Washington State). It is a known and protected Peregrine Falcon nesting site.
I wanted to know if you would be interested in letting LCS use one of your peregrine falcon images? We are interested in either one of these images:
The image would appear at approx. 5 inches x 7 inches at 300dpi. The usage terms would be a one time educational use. Would you be interested in providing Lehrman Cameron Studio permission for such a use? Thank you & Happy New Year
(please reply to romas {at} @lehrmancameron d o t com ) - Roma K Shah -
Architectural Designer, Lehrman Cameron Studio
22 Jan 2010 note; Q: We would like to make a color alteration to the rocks that appear in the lower right corner. The rocks at the Peregrine site we are referencing are of a darker color; either andesite or basalt (dark grey). Would you allow this? I read the information listed on your profile, but I am not sure where this would fall exactly. A: That's fine w/ me - thanks for asking!

25 Feb 2010 used by permission as wallpaper for Birders World.

Creative Commons use.

19 Oct 2010 used in the Dallis Times in an article about birds and the gulf oil spill :
This is how it was used. I wound up finding several in our archive after I
contacted you but since I did I wanted to use yours.
Guy Reynolds
Photo editor
The Dallas Morning News
508 Young St.
Dallas TX 75202