Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cool Photo Upload images

A few nice photo upload images I found:

Unboxing Day
photo upload
Image by whatsthatpicture
Before Christmas I had a bit of a tidy and found this lot, not actually in a box I must confess but in a bag - I guess this should really be captioned Unbagging Day.
I reckon there are 400-500 photos in total, mainly snapshots and real photo postcards, but quite a few larger sized prints, and the odd cabinet card and carte de visite. I have a feeling it started off as one fairly large batch that I must have acquired with other more notable images, and then over time when I've had odd photos and small batches that I thought I'd "look at later" I just threw them in.

This photo shows about the half way stage whilst roughly sorting them into topics - portraits, family groups, babies, transport, buildings, landscapes, houses and gardens, weddings ...

There's also a small pile of images that caught my eye that I'll be uploading to my new Snapshots of the past set, inspired by the 'Peculiar Snapshots' set from unexpectedtales.

The two piles front-left are still to be sorted, and I have a horrible feeling that there are at least as many more in various boxes in the loft!

I should stress that none of these are of my own family - they're all found photos.

flood lighting
photo upload
Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro
Boarded up window lit by a single floodlight.

This photo is in my book, multiple photographic disorder.

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