Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nice Upload Photos photos

A few nice upload photos images I found:

The End of my D40
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Image by soundman1024
Well, this is my first D90 photo uploaded. It seemed fitting to begin by telling the tale of why I have a D90 in the first place.

It was Halloween night, and I was spending time with friends. At a couple of minutes after 9:40 I got a call from work. Apparently there wasn't anyone at the TV station to direct the 10:00 news. Normally the director has been there for a while and has all the graphics assembled at this point and is marking show scripts to ensure all goes well. I told them I would be there, packed up my things quickly and was off for my car. While on the way to my car in a rush the D40 w/16mm fisheye as shown above fell out of my camera bag. I was running, and failed to snap my camera bag shut.

I walked back to it, ill concerned, and picked it up, flash sticking up. I tried to fire a quick test-shot, and didn't hear the mirror move. I was wondering what was up at this point, I expected the silly thing to work after falling on the concrete at a running pace. I checked the screen and was surprised that it was working (I expected that to be bad). It just said the flash is in TTL mode, switch to M. I put the flash down, again, expecting the camera to work. I got a yellow ! with, "Error, press shutter release button again"

I ignored it and was on the road.

Half-way there I called to work and asked them to do something simple for me to put us 4 minutes ahead, and it turns out the director showed up. He got caught in some sort of traffic or something. I wasn't mad till this point. I spent about 2 minutes fuming, because I ruined my D40 running to work to cover a shift I didn't end up overing.

I threw it aside and decided it wouldn't ruin my night. And it didn't.

The next day I picked it up and played around with it. Aside from the obvious body damage visible here, nothing in the viewfinder lights up. There were some scuffs on the lower left of the back too. The glass was untouched, to my surprise, but the metal hood took a little scrape. I tried to do a mirror lockup for sensor cleaning, and them my yellow ! became a red !. I haven't tried to disassemble the thing yet, but I intend to. I'm sure the AF is all sorts of out of calibration, the metering doesn't appear to be working, it won't tell an AF-S lens to AF, but the menu systems and playback work perfectly.

That's the tale.


July 21, 2013 at 03:24PM
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