Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cool Photo To Canvas images

A few nice photo to canvas images I found:

Profession of St. Brigid
photo to canvas
Image by photopol
This canvas, depicting the profession of St. Brigid, is behind the main altar in St. Brigid's church, Killester, Dublin 5, Ireland.

The church was consecrated in 1926, but the painting was commissioned in 1952 when the sanctuary was extended.

The artist was George Collie RHA and one of the points of interest is the people he chose for models. His daughter Ellie is St. Brigid, his son Jackie is cross bearer and son George junior is the man in blue beside the bishop. George's brother William is the white bearded monk. The architect Charles Powell is Bishop Mel and Fr. Canice is the monk with the crozier.

The girl in blue, directly above St. Brigid is Kati Halpin, who still attends mass in the parish. She was a refugee from Germany who came to Ireland in 1943 and married an Irishman.

The painting, which is in three parts, originally cost £1,000 and is probably now worth nearly ten time that amount.

Another Dublin painting with local models is The Last Supper, in the Italian quarter, at Blooms Lane, Lower Ormond Quay on the North side of the River Liffey.

Incidentally, the Brigid's Cross over the front entrance to the church is the actual model used for RTÉ's logo when it opened in 1961.

You can make one yourself from those damned fronds.

I had the reaction below to the photo from a former parishioner.

When as a young child at Mass I used to study this picture every Sunday as I couldn't understand a word of the Latin Mass. The story I made up about what was happening is this:

The bishop is telling St. Brigid that she has her hands joined correctly for praying. I thought the person in blue beside the bishop was saying "no this is the way to join your hands", sideways. Of course I didn't notice she had something in her hands. The guys behind St. Brigid are in agreement that she is joining her hands correctly. The guy in green with the cross is telling them all to come in for their dinner and has been waiting ages for them to do so. The guy in red at the door at the very back is the cook and is shouting for them to come as the dinner is getting cold.I seemed to ignore all the women in the background.

on top of all the squares
photo to canvas
Image by shimelle

Studio - Main Room
photo to canvas
Image by Christine ™
Canvas by Pixel2Canvas - LOVE!!! Their Legacy line, rich in texture and so beautiful!

The main meeting space, and where we will host wine & cheese "preview parties" for our wedding clients so they can see their photos for the first time.

I'm going to hang a curtain over the doorway at the top of the steps to separate the meeting space from the studio shooting space.