Thursday, February 27, 2014

colours - Take 2

A few nice change background image images I found:

colours - Take 2
change background image
Image by afroboof
Second version of this image

Added more texture to the background image in GIMP and gave it more space around the edges to let it breathe. The small polaroid-like images I churned through Poladroid

Not quite happy yet, especially since the polaroids still look too neat. But I couldn't find the motivation to have a go at each one of the 14 with more layers and textures.

What do you think of these two versions and the changes made?

Credit to
for setting a bit of a gold standard!

Felicity The Cat in a Kaleidoscope
change background image
Image by ♥ Crystal Writer ♥
This one was a just for fun twist of my sister's cat picture where I focused on the eye and nose instead of the frame. Since the kitty is black, and the background of the picture is a gray screen with a brick wall behind it, I went ahead and changed the picture to gray scale for better shadows. It looks pretty neat in the 1680 x 1050 original.