Sunday, December 15, 2013

Two-dragons-fight illustration

A few nice dragon image images I found:

Two-dragons-fight illustration
dragon image
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Illustration By Frits

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Dragon Man's Motorsports.
dragon image
Image by Chris Sgaraglino
This past weekend I took my son to a pace just outside of Colorado Springs called Dragon Man's. This is a crazy place with paint ball, 35 acre motocross track, several rifle ranges and one of the largest private war museums in the US.

My goal for the day was to get in some practice with the SB-900 and see what it could do in the middle of the day with bright sunlight.

This was shot with the SB-900 in the hot shoe and the D700 hand-held at about 30 yards form the my son. I boosted the EV on the D700 by 1/3 stop, the SB-900 by 1 full stop and set the SB-900 zoom to manual at 200mm.

More of the days shooting can be seen here:

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