Thursday, December 12, 2013

Soul Departure

Some cool image upload images:

Soul Departure
image upload
Image by michmutters
"I can't stand this emotional violence
Leave in silence" - Martin Gore

App Recipe:
- Photo of old blanket taken in procamera and turned to BW (original on EyeEm "Someone Calls This Home" series)
- #Decim8 Precog+Graboid+Kompliance
- Snapseed Vintage (to tone down and give some 'texture')
- Blur fx median blur 100% saved, 50% saved.
- Image Blender of above in luminosity mode
- Snapseed drama + details
- Photofx Ultra gold diffusion/fx, smoque, light diffusion, enhance
- Phototoaster dirty
- Swanko lab Vinny's BL04 + Fantabra Magic Cool x4
- Phototoaster frame

Pony goes to New York
image upload
Image by squash
Inspired by William Eggleston.

The first image uploaded from my new Canon G9. Yay!