Saturday, November 30, 2013

Play hide and seek

A few nice image post images I found:

Play hide and seek
image post
Image by Andrea Costa Creative
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Andrea Costa Photography

EXPLORE: May 21, 2009 #3

Info photo:
Retouching and paint: NO
Postprocessing RAW: Contrast and saturation

The little point in the sky are two flies flying, i prefer don't remove it.

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Andrea Costa Photography - Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

Arthur "Gramp" Roos (center) with the gardening class at Edenwald
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Image by Center for Jewish History, NYC
Description: Boston Post Road
Photographer: unknown
Date: circa 1920-1940
Medium: Black and white photograph
Repository: American Jewish Historical Society
Call Number: I-42-SeriesVI-001
Parent Collection: Records of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum of the City of New York (I-42)
Persistent URL:
Rights Information: No known copyright restrictions; may be subject to third party rights. For more copyright information, click here.
See more information about this image and others at CJH Digital Collections.
This material may be used for personal, research and educational purposes only. Any other use without prior authorization is prohibited. Please contact AJHS at for further information.

image post
Image by Franco Rabazzo
Camera: Polaroid Image/spectra
Film: The Impossible Project - PZCool
Technique: kept release button pressed and then ejected into a dark bag and used an impossible frog tongue
"Scanner": iPhone
Proper scan:

Made today especially for Roidweek 2012 (as BTW all my pics for Roidweek are made on the day of posting - as I am on vacation and shooting anyway :).

Got inspired by the following picture by "The Gentleman Amateur" I saw in the Roidweek 2012 group yesterday:
So I thought I'd give it a try today - even more so as I was overwhelmed and motivated by the positive comments to the pictures I posted yesterday.
This is what I guess Roidweek and Flickr is about: getting expired and motivated by new pictures and new interesting people.
I love Roidweek :)