Thursday, November 14, 2013

Food of Love

A few nice photo contests images I found:

Food of Love
photo contests
Image by Collin Key (on vacation)
Istanbul: little girl feeding her grandmother

When this little turkish girl jokingly fed her grandmother in an Istanbul café she was very well aware of being photographed. In fact we had fooled around before with me taking shots and then show her on the monitor. She loved the game and started to laugh and pose. I don't speak Turkish - she was the director as well as the model.

This photo was shown at the Istanbul Photo Contest Exhibition at Taksim Metro Station September, 2012 :))

1st place in Karma's Nominated Photo Contest (November 08)
3rd place in The Unforgettable Photographer's Constest 'My favorite shot from 2008' (December 08)
1st place in Dragon Dagger Awards' contest 'Winners Gallery' (December 09)
1st place in Dragon Dagger Awards' contest 'Food' (January 2010)
'Master of the week' (front page) of the group Master's Gallery (January 2010)

Texture from ghostbones:

The Contest Winner
photo contests
Image by Julie70
His tale was. One we will remember long time