Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cool Cat Image images

Some cool cat image images:

Cat Woman Nurse (Catwoman)
cat image
Image by Simon & His Camera
The outfit could have done with an iron, not my usual photo but liked it enough to add it.

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Cat Girl
cat image
Image by ledezign
Street art images from Barcelona between 2001 and 2008.
Graffiti and street art was banned in Barcelona around 2006, since then the city has lost major part of its soul as the government painted the walls in grey. This process can be seen throughout these pictures depicting the sad end of the graffiti in Barcelona.

*Although mostly all pictures belong to a personal collection, some pictures of Miss Van... cat girl and Face are taken from the web!

5 am the next morning sees Freya taking the cat tree early
cat image
Image by jon_a_ross
A single strong cat tree sits between the two desks in the computer room. Cat politics say that whoever controls the top of the cat tree is the boss cat in the computer room. Danya, Loki and Freya struggle for this position leading to these images here.

Loki, our gray cat, is the sister to Freya and the shyist cat around people.