Monday, October 21, 2013


Check out these i stock photo images:

i stock photo
Image by tychay
NEEDS FIX: I need to fix a small break in the house.

NetService Ventures, Menlo Park, California

Nikon D70, Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G
DxO (exp, blur, distorion, ca, vignette. noise, lighting) PTMac (cylindrical, autopano-sift, enblend) Photoshop (masking, patching) nik CEP (reflector:silver) Aperture (level, crop, shadow/highlight, denoise, sharpen)
(10 exposures 1/400sec-1/250sec @ f/8-f/10). iso 200, 12mm (18mm)


Lunch 2.0 at zVents

Best viewed larger (it's 15+ megapixels).

Here is the zLine for zLunch 2.0 after-memorial day BBQ. You can see the zvents logo on the bib worn by master chef, Ethan Stock.

The food was yummy, but I was too late to get the burger, so I opted for a sausage and some fixins in the foreground.

I actually had adequate coverage with 7 shots, but I took some extras because people were moving. Next time I’ll wear some kicking pants and they’ll know to stand still when I take a picture: “Do you think people will move around when I’m wearing THESE bad boys? Forget about it!”

I had shots with the grill closed and open and chose the open one because of the smoke rising from the eats.

Masking did a great job of handling all the breaks, except for the guy with the camo pants in the background.

A digital silver reflector fixed some of the harsh shadows.

Click for a single frame of the stitch (If you cannot view this, add me to your contacts and I’ll add you to my friends. If you are already a contact of mine then just jet me a message and I'll fix your status.)

Children Stock
i stock photo
Image by rubyblossom.
My 2 sisters and brother, i wasn't born at this time.

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