Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nice Photo Prints photos

Check out these photo prints images:

Color and B&W 16 x20 Prints
photo prints
Image by Shawn Hoke
I'm selling prints in multiple sizes of 6 selected photos. These two are from 4x5 negatives shot with Toyo 45AII. You can see all the available prints here.

New Automatic Rolleiflex 1956
photo prints
Image by Nesster
Rolleiflex 3.5G 2.8E with new dual-range exposure meter, new automatic depth-of-field scale, plus other exclusive automatic features keep Rollei the most automatic camera of all!

Rolleiguard all-metal eveready carrying case .95
Rolleifix tripod head .95
Rollei conversion filters available in two types, each in three graduations. Red-brown to avoid excessive blues ... and Blue, to offset excessive red. All have outer bayonet receptacle to permit combining two filters.

Jordan III - Black/Cement
photo prints
Image by
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