Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nice Photo Contest photos

Some cool photo contest images:

Bursting Forth (Hipstamatic Contest Entry)
photo contest
Image by DeeAshley

Just One (Hipstamatic Contest Entry)
photo contest
Image by DeeAshley

Bubblez Beauty Photo Contest 2012
photo contest
Image by Cherokeeh Asteria
Bubblez Design Photo Contest - "The One and Only ✿ Bubblez Beauty ✿"

Start: 10 January 2012 to 10 February 2012

1st Winner
- Win 10,000 lindens
- Title in group for 1 year: ✿ Bubblez Beauty ✿
- Win Bubblez Design Beauty Crown
- Photo will be published in Bubblez Design blog and Flickr

- All photo must be at least 1024 x 1024 size (when upload to SL).
- All photo must be taken at Bubblez sim
- All photo model must wear Bubblez Design outfit (no freebies or lucky board item.)
- Photoshop is allowed.
- If other people take the photo, please credit the photographer name so they can be recognised.
- You can submit maximum 2 photos per avatar under 1 submission only.
- No nudity.

In World Submission:
- Put your photo (full permission) in a notecard and submit to the box in Bubblez Design main shop.
- Rename your notecard with "Beauty - your name"

Alternatively you can submit to Flickr Submission:
- Submit your photo to
- Include your SL avatar name and photograpther in your photo description.

- You agree that by participating, Bubblez Design will have full permission/rights on the usage of your photo including using it as Bubblez Design outfit vendor photos.
- Photographer and model will be creditted on the photo if I use it as the vendor photo.
- All decisions are final.
- No complaints or blah blah blah... will be entertained.

Winner will be announced on Bubblez Design group notice and blog on 14 February 2012.

Thank you
milo Bubble
Bubblez Design