Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cormorant here again and I'll flip you the Bird!

A few nice upload photo images I found:

Cormorant here again and I'll flip you the Bird!
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Image by ...-Wink-...
I uploaded this more for the silly little title I thought of more than the actual picture, call me corny, just don't call me late for dinner :-)


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Polaroid #1
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Image by slimmer_jimmer
My first Polaroid upload from my recently acquired SX-70. Taken this morning in Dockey Woods, which is very near two of my favourite subjects - The Oak Tree and That Spooky Tree.

(not my first polaroid shot, that was at the spooky tree finale which I've yet to upload).

Massively frustrating and expensive experience (7/10 came out blank, or mangled, or with half the surface emulsion stripped away. And half-way through the pack it stopped working, had to clean gunk off the rollers). But I can sort of see the appeal. Just wish I'd bought film when it was cheap, or at least less expensive...

Uploaded so I could join in 'Roid Week 2010