Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nice Online Image Editing photos

A few nice online image editing images I found:

9 - The Vinegar Tasters by Unknown (traditional) and Stein
online image editing
Image by benchilada
I highly recommend you view this in a larger size.

My little brother, Nathan Stein, is absolutely fucking amazing. He's done 11 photographic recreations of famous paintings, all with only family members and items found inside of our parents' house.

EDIT: If you're interested in a print or scroll of the "Vinegar Tasters" aka the "Three Sages" aka the "Three Sours" with Lao Tzu, Buddha, and Confucious, please ask me. I can direct you to one or two reputable sellers online, as opposed to the guy at www edepot com / taoism_3-vinegar-tasters.html.

He a jerk, a liar, believes that if he buys a painting he owns copyright, claims to be the only source for selling this TRADITIONAL CHINESE IMAGE and actually vandalizes Wikipedia from time to time to get people to go to his shop and buy his stuff.

PS3 color problem
online image editing
Image by particlem
[UPDATE] A solution to this problem has finally been found! See the comments below for instructions.

Here's hoping I can find help from folks who are experts with PS. A few months ago, the color settings in PS3 were changed. I think I opened an image from somewhere, or installed a printer, installed an action, or edited a file in some way such that the whitest color i can get in my palette is an off white color. The settings are for pure white, as you can see on the right, but my images are tuned such that all I see is this color. It's affecting the way I see the finished picture, and messing up my processing.

Just so you know, here are things I've already checked out.

1) it's not the monitor calibration. You can see that the menus in the PS program don't show the same tint.

2) I've gone to Edit > Color Settings and I see:
Working Spaces
- RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
-CMYK: US Web Coated (SWOP_ v2
-Gray: Gray Gamma 2.2
-Spot: Dot gain 20%

All color management policies are off

I've looked online for hours trying to find a solution, and there's nothing. Can anyone help?

online image editing
Image by J U S T Y N A
After a long long looooong debate with myself to start the 365 project, I decided I will go full force with the idea!

I am hoping to make as many images as I can editorial high-quality.
I know that this will take me a lot longer to compile and edit, but I feel as though it will benefit me lots in the long-run!
My goal is to be featured in a magazine, even if its just online.

I will start Wed. June 1, 2011