Monday, October 15, 2012

Nice Photo Bucket photos

A few nice photo bucket images I found:

Mosaic of Your Favorites
photo bucket
Image by timtak
1. Mr Poop Candy, 2. Boddhistatva, 3. Zen Gravel Garden, 4. Shinto Sooth, 5. Tassle on Shime Nawa, 6. Taru, 7. New Year Chick, 8. Omamori, 9. Instructions on How to Pray, 10. Model Food, 11. God's Eye view 2, 12. Rice Field Mirror, 13. Household Shrine, 14. Zen Garden, 15. Praying to the warriror god in the snow, 16. Zen Garden, 17. Buddhist Temple Cloth, 18. Chick Dolls, 19. Hidden Japan, 20. Talisman and Prayer Beads, 21. Kagami Mochi (Mirror Rice Cakes), 22. Zen Gravel Garden, 23. Shinto Saint Peter of the Pearly Gates, 24. Donation Box (saisenbako), 25. God of Prosperity, 26. Shrine Priestess (Miko), 27. Talisman/Omamori/Good Luck Charm, 28. Wooden Bucket, 29. Close up of Boddhistatva, 30. Shrine to a Buddha., 31. New Year Chicken, 32. Rice Barrel End 4 more to go. Thanks to Youhei Morita, Coffee Break and John

photo bucket
Image by Travis S.
These buckets are full of debitage that we created over the week-long class.
There's a few more buckets worth.

20100804 2009 - Cape Cod - Lobster Bake - The Dare - agreement of terms - (by Vicky) - 4868248355_dcf8b280ec o
photo bucket
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Shaking hands to seal the deal.

Jordan dared Chase to throw a straw wrapper over the napkin and into the bucket, or Chase would have to have his had shaved by Jordan. Chase lost.

Allison, Carmine, Chase, Jonathan, Jordan.
shaking hands.
bucket, napkin, wine.

Beach House Cafe, Chatham Bars Inn, restaurant, Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

August 4, 2010.
Pic by Vicky.
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BACKSTORY: Carolyn's family reunion was at Cape Cod this year. We stayed at the Chatham Bars Inn. It was a lot of fun, and we were happy to see everyone.

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