Friday, October 12, 2012

Lightning At Horse World BW Color Print

A few nice photo prints images I found:

Lightning At Horse World BW Color Print
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Image by Striking Photography by Bo Insogna
Lightning At Horse World a black and white color fine art print combination processing. Original shot on film. Inspired by a clients request. Lightning at Horse World. Sculpture by Snell Johnson. This is the real deal. This is NOT a composite image.

When I first saw this sculpture I thought it would be incredible with lightning striking. For me it is like the lightning bolts hit and the Arabian horse reared, then the Quarter horse and Thoroughbred horse took off in different directions, making this all come alive. It took me years to get this shot. It was one of the most dangerous photo shoot I have done. After years of waiting for the storms to be in the right place at the right time.... one night it happened. I was shooting in North Scottsdale Arizona and I noticed the storm down here. So I bee lined it for this location. It was back in the day before all this area way built up. None of the houses were here. The 101 was not even started yet. I was standing in the middle of Pima road it was late so no cars. Back then people stayed home when these storms hit because of all the flash flooding and dips in the roads. So here I am shooting in the middle of the road with a medal tripod. The lightning strikes were extremely close. This was shot with a 50mm lens. About a 45 sec exposure. Water was running at my feet getting me wet. In the middle of the road with water at my feet and a medal tripod and lightning hitting feet away. But this is the Shot... this is the shot I have been waiting for for years. And it is happening. So I grin and bear it and hope of for the best. I can say my heart was racing. Did not even know if I would get the shot or get killed. Well I got the shot. One on color and one in Black and white. This is my favorite. I love horses so this was a dream shot for me. Hope you enjoy it. Buy a print... save a storm chaser LOL! I tell my customers the day I get struck these prints are going to be worth a lot more than you paid for them. Not that I am hoping for it.

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bokeh cool texture taken with point and shoot
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Image by houstonryan
feel free to use in your art (for both commercial and noncommercial use) but do not resell actual texture for profit.

My first hand-made print
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Image by kmerenkov
Woot, as for now I am printing photos in my bath with with red bulb and stuff! *__*
What can be better than making a contact-sheet? Making love maybe, not sure...