Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cool Photo Library images

Some cool photo library images:

Peoples Library-4
photo library
Image by Steve Rhodes
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At 7 am on Monday, August 13, activists occupied a Carnegie Library which had closed in the 70s. Donated books were brought in.

Late that evening over 40 police raided the library and it was boarded up


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Mitchell Library, Sydney (#24)
photo library
Image by Christopher Chan
The State Library of New South Wales (also known as the Mitchell Library) contains many historically significant collections dating from the European colonisation of Australia, including accounts from Australian explorers and other pioneers, paintings and sketches, and many other historical records. (Wikipedia)

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Library Bathroom Challenge
photo library
Image by Peter Gene
Some notes about this photo:
1. I did not move a bench, four chairs, a table, and eight Vassar students, of a variety of genders, and all their work, into a men's room and then take a photograph. That would be weird.
2. I did not approach an exchange student with a weak grasp of English who I'd never met and ask her to take this photo for us. And I certainly didn't have to gesture to her to show her how to hold the camera. That would also be weird, and rude.
3. This was not the most fun I've had in the library since the time freshman year when we tried to play capture the flag in the basement and I ended up breaking my toe.