Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nice Photo Upload photos

Check out these photo upload images:

#Art4 #trayvonmartin @SoulSpace1 #j4tm #hoodiesup #justice4trayvon #oakland
photo upload
Image by Steve Rhodes

photos from Sunday July 14


Soul space last Sunday



San Francisco


More July 20 Oakland photos




Farm Country #showuscny #iphone5 #iphonesia #iphonephoto #iphonephotography #newyork #ny #instamood #danielpiraino #farm
photo upload
Image by Daniel Piraino
photo captured near Camden, NY with the Apple iPhone 5

i <3 flickr because of these great people
photo upload
Image by Scarleth White
1. If I lay here, 2. You are so beautiful... to me....., 3. I went for a walk and this is what i saw, 4. Close, 5. 100/365 "Some things are true whether you believe in them or not", 6. where ever this key lead to, it's not ready., 7. Hello Totland, 8. Crucifixion of shoes, 9. Reach for it!, 10. 179/CDSPY2 - {jam out with ya ham out}, 11. 106/365 - "Has own place", 12. yellow fields forever, 13. Untitled, 14. Sad Sappy Sucker., 15. i like nico vega, 16. knitted star dress design | fashion portrait, 17. Little Big World., 18. Untitled, 19. Untitled, 20. Cross

hi everyone...
here is another THANK YOU for being extremely nice to me =)
you have made love flickr more than ever before... i can't believe i know a few of these people since the very beginning (when i was i love the moon) and some others i've met a few months ago or weeks ago, but it doesnt matter how long i've known you, what matters is that you guys have been my inspirations through out my time in flickr and not only inspiration but friends and great supporters!

i appreciate all the faves, comments, messages and even "phone calls"!! you have made me a better photographer!

i might not be around for a couple weeks, although i wont stop uploading for my 52 weeks project... there are some things that i gotta get together in the "real world of Scarleth" and sadly im not gonna have as much time as i used to! but i promise whenever i do, i will drop by your photostreams and leave you comments and faves!

thank you sooo soooo much! you are all great!

p.s.: im really sorry if forgot someone! =( my mind is somewhere else but here!