Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nice Fun With Photos photos

Some cool fun with photos images:

Just the four of me
fun with photos
Image by madnzany
Having fun with Paint Shop Pro. The overlapping parts of the photos made this take longer than I thought it would!

You can view a picture of the making of this composite here.

flower pop
fun with photos
Image by littleBiGsis
Some more fun with Gimp. The original photo was taken at the Alaska State Fair in the Gardens.

Here are some other OOB (out of bounds) photos:
reindeer walking, iced cones and tree hugger

Hot Squat
fun with photos
Image by jurvetson
Let me start with the mishaps.... (click photo for a better view)

I have not built a fundamentally unstable rocket before, and I knew this design was pushing the limits... too far as it turns out.

The launch control officer called everyone’s attention to this loud and sparky motor, twice, as we waiting for a plane to pass overhead. It was a gorgeous flight for about 0.5 seconds. Then the buckin’ air rodeo began (photo sequence below). After burning off enough propellant weight to fly straight, it zoomed right over the range safety officer in the launch pad control area and into the ground behind launch control and in front of the flight line with all the cars and rocketeers. It continued to burn and bathe the audience in unpleasant smoke. Then the parachute popped out.

Not an auspicious start to the day when I had two of the largest and most complex projects still coming up.

I secured weight in the tip of the nose cone (helps with stability) but I also added an aluminum boat tail motor retainer in the rear (shifts weight to the rear, hurting stability). Luckily I fiberglassed everything, so she did not take much damage from what would normally shred in flight and then compress like an accordion on ballistic return.

I could add more nose weight, but I will just add a payload bay instead, which will make it longer (helps stability) and affords options like videocameras or lights for night flights.